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Описание Chess vs Chat

Chess Vs Chat allows streamers to host chess matches where your chatters actively participate and engage with the match via your twitch stream simply by typing the moves they would like to play right in the chat. :) You can play against your chat, or let chat brawl among themselfs.

While there are more apps that do just that; Chess vs Chat tries to step up the game by having more features that expand and smooth the experience. The streamer sets the timers; presses play on the game mode they like and the match is going.

Chatters get sorted in teams with their names, emotes and votes wil be shown in the game window. Bits and Subs wil be highlighted further. The names scale nice and dynamically.

This game is standalone and does not require any additional accounts or authentication besides Twitch. You authenticate to twitch using Oauth for a safe and simple login experience. After logging in for the first time, your credentials are encrypted and automatically remembered.

There are also no applications or websites (beside your stream) your chatters need to use; they just type moves they like to see right in twitch chat.
At the end of the turn the votes get tallied and the move with the most votes gets played. Of course the timer can be paused to give your slow chatters a bit more time. You can also choose to play without a timer and force turns to end whenever you please.

During the games your chatters accumulate points by participating. After the game a highscore displaying the points will show the top participants. A highscore of the game itself and a historical highscore is available! (The user database created for this information is stored as a text file right on your computer, so no external sources. ;) )

You can play a regular game from the start or you can choose to play from a set position by loading FEN code’s from your clipboard right into the game. This way you play from a fixed starting position or even try to load chess puzzles to play with chat!

Not only can the application read chat, but when turned on the game can log the happenings in a match! For chat, a Twitch Reply bot can be enabled to give the chatters the ability to receive information from the game.
  • !points : Get the Points You Earned.
  • !Games : Get the count of games you participated in, won and lost.
  • !Messages : Get the count of messages you send.
  • !Votes : Get the count of votes you casted.
  • !Side : Display whether you are playing on the White or Black side.

Emotes sent in the chat will display above the chatter in the game. All the default global emotes are available right now and we are looking to add more (3rd party / channel) emotes in the future.

Every stream is unique. To match the look and feel of your stream you can customise the game to fit your needs. Not only can you change the piece sprites of the two sides independently, you can change the tile colours of the playing field and even the background colour right from the game.

The game is fully scalable to fit in your scenes. It can handle being rescaled and repositioned on different scenes live without restarts.

The game records the starting position and all moves made in a match history local on your harddrive to be available for your analysis, even when the game is off.

While moderating an extra game when already moderating the chat is a hassle. Chess VS Chat takes the moderation actions that happen in chat and automatically translate them for the game. If you ban a badly behaving chatter, he gets removed from the game also. (A muted chatter simply can’t participate.)

You can also choose to limit/throttle messages received to reduce visual clutter and reduce load for the game.

Скриншоты Chess vs Chat

Скриншот из Chess vs Chat
Скриншот из Chess vs Chat
Скриншот из Chess vs Chat
Скриншот из Chess vs Chat
Скриншот из Chess vs Chat
Скриншот из Chess vs Chat
Скриншот из Chess vs Chat
Скриншот из Chess vs Chat
Скриншот из Chess vs Chat
Скриншот из Chess vs Chat