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Жанры: Инди
Дата выхода: 01.11.2021
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Описание Ashi

- Genre
2D Platform Game

- Story
Adventures of the naughty "Ashi" who accidentally crossed over to the Divine world.

As usual, he was playing with his friends in the mountains.
And then you find a chipmunk with two tails.

"Ashi" was chasing after a mysterious chipmunk, he went into the "seonangdang"(holy stone cairns or trees that are dedicated to the deity Seonangshin, the patron of villages)
without even realizing it.

At that moment, the ground shakes, and then it goes down, and "Ash" falls down.

"Ashi" was trapped in the cave, he wandered through the cave.
And then he meet the mysterious old man, "Seol-nong".
They say that if you use the power of bead, you can go back home.

so, "Ashi" go deep into the cave to collect bead pieces.

- Game Features

1. Using the power of the bead awakens the life of things around it.
Let's move through the map by interacting with the awakened lives.

2. Oriental Style Pixel Art

3. Level Design of High Difficulty

Скриншоты Ashi

Скриншот из Ashi
Скриншот из Ashi
Скриншот из Ashi
Скриншот из Ashi
Скриншот из Ashi
Скриншот из Ashi