Дополнение ScourgeBringer Supporter Pack

Жанры: Инди
Дата выхода: 21.10.2020
149.00 RUB

Описание ScourgeBringer Supporter Pack

The ScourgeBringer Supporter Pack contains exclusive bonuses to go deeper into the game's lore and get insights from its development. This pack contains a 12-page full-color prequel comic, prototypes and alpha versions, as well as a load of high resolution artworks and wallpapers.

The Relinquish of Rèl

Long before Kyhra's Ordeal, another warrior named Rèl found her true purpose in the depths of the Monolith...

Discover a 12-page story which serves as a prequel to the events of the game in this full-color comic illustrated by Adrien Brégeot and written by Pia Jacqmart.

Prototypes and alpha versions

Dig into the development of the game by trying very early versions of the game, which go as far as the very first day of its development with various prototypes. Did you know that before being ScourgeBringer, the game almost end up being a game about a space luchador? This prototype exists within this Supporter Pack!

The prototypes come with a video commentary by the developers.

Caution: prototypes are Windows-only and may require a gamepad.

High-definition artworks and wallpapers

Get all the game's artworks in ultra high definition (4K) to display wherever you would like to. Why not boasting them as wallpapers?
This pack contains all the introduction and endings artworks, and some more!

Скриншоты ScourgeBringer Supporter Pack

Скриншот из ScourgeBringer Supporter Pack
Скриншот из ScourgeBringer Supporter Pack