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Дата выхода: 30.10.2020

Описание She Is My Sin

Lots of guns is a purely FPS game. It is about a story of a dark hero, who was planning to steal the power of 3rd God.

The Ruler of the third Heaven [High Tower] has been vacant for a long time. Nobody knows the truth that only six Gods lives in [The Seven Gods]. Someone is ready to create a bigger deception to bury the lies and mistakes.


  • Own all kinds of well-designed weapons with gunsmithing immediately, and no need of endless boring Levels upgrade.
  • Gaining thrilling experience by close distance combat with extremely short TTK.
  • Realistic gunshots and smooth operation feel.
  • Concise storytelling style.
  • The main characters and enemies are all cute girls.
  • But the voice characters of those girls are male.
  • The level design is full of paying tributes to the classical game.

We will update the video and screenshots soon.Please wait.

Скриншоты She Is My Sin

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