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Жанры: Стратегии
Дата выхода: 05.11.2020

Описание TENS!

Combining sudoku-style number puzzles and block-dropping gameplay, the aim of TENS! is simple: place dice on the board, make ‘tens’ in any row or column and clear the board to win.

TENS! is a relaxing puzzle game which offers tons of gameplay styles for you to choose from including:

Adventure Mode

Progress through over 70 puzzles and bosses in TENS! Adventure.
Each level features its own challenges, including tiles that will destroy the dice you place, or send them to a random space on the board! Place your dice wisely. The further you get through the adventure, the more bosses and mini-bosses you’ll encounter! Be sure not to under-estimate them.


Challenge your friends to a head-to-head game of TENS!
Take your adventure mode skills and show them off in battles against your friends. The aim of the game is to stop your opponent from placing dice. The higher your score, the more ‘blanks’ you can place on their board to cut them off in their tracks.


Play against your own high scores for as long as you want!
TENS! is hard enough to put down as it is… let alone when you’re playing against your own high scores! Gain XP as you play and unlock new dice skins whilst honing your skills.

In TENS! there’s something for everyone to enjoy! So download it now and start playing your way today!

TENS! Features:

- Explore your way through Adventure Mode and experience the world of TENS!

- Keep beating your high score and learning new skills in Endless Mode
- Challenge your friends with local multiplayer to see who has the top TENS! talent
- Add dice skins to your collection by playing through the game your way
- Battle bosses through your adventure and unlock new characters
- Relaxing gameplay for everyone to enjoy!

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