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Anubis and Frejya went Purgatory after meeting with the Phoenix in on the Iron Mountain. Ra is playing and drinking wine at the tavern all day in purgatory.
Seeing his old friend Anubis and Frejya, whom he had been in love with for hundreds of years, Ra becomes happy. Frejya is still very beautiful. Anubis and Frejya ask Ra for help. The only salvation of the world is persuading Ra. Ra demands that Pangu's curse be lifted as the only condition for help. This request is sadly denied..

Ra’s Chess is a strategic chess card game for online multiplayer between two players. Despite being easy to learn it is complex and includes deep strategy. Each player has to plan and conform to every situation and control a team that they assembled, while their goal is to kill the enemy forces and enemy hero. Every player has an attack and movement right for a turn. We have 4 different heroes with unique ultimate skills but the same minions with the same abilities. Every minion has different attack and movement range. Players need to create their own deck according to their own playing strategy and use created decks depends upon turn and mana system.

The game features unique mechanics that set it apart from the other existing titles in the Genre:

  • Four different heroes designed for various game strategies and players' needs!

  • Six different minions with different abilities for each player.

  • Move your minions and hunt down your enemy in the best position.

  • A non-pay2win deck creating a system that allows completing your collection through gameplay only.

  • A variety of trap systems you can create on the hexagons.

  • The unique cards obtained from the loot boxes you can redeem on the board periodically.

Ra's Chess come in 4 different rarity levels (Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary) and can be equipped onto any of your Heroes - unless the item is restricted to a specific Class. They will passively enhance your party in various ways. Some Cards will be better on a certain Hero than others, and part of the fun of Ra's Chess to come up with the craziest combinations possible. All CARDS will be obtainable just for playing Ra's Chess totally away from pay to earn deck system.

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Скриншот из Age Of Cards - Ra's Chess
Скриншот из Age Of Cards - Ra's Chess
Скриншот из Age Of Cards - Ra's Chess
Скриншот из Age Of Cards - Ra's Chess
Скриншот из Age Of Cards - Ra's Chess