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Описание ONA

The author travelled 4 years across the world to collect the pictures present in this game.

Initiatory journey across the world.
The aim is to understand its meaning.

ONA - A Mystical Art Experience is an exploration game
that invites us on a hypnotic journey around the world.

Discover mysterious destinations and uncover hidden messages,
choose your path and explore the quest of our humanity.

Created as an awakening project, the purpose is to offer
an inner introspection and an opening to humanity.

An experimental mystic art game in constant evolution.
A contemplative and critical analysis of the world we live in.

  • Allegorical story mixing different visions and interpretations.
    Every visit will be different, everybody will see unique content.

  • Explore all continents, visit lost temples and mystic places.
    Meet sages from all civilizations to discover ancient revelations.

  • Solve puzzles and digital paintings to uncover hidden messages.
    Find special keys in the game and access deeper reflection.

Spiritual, mystical and philosophical wandering.
A mix between a game and a quest of inner truth.

Combination of photography, videos, digital paintings, and motion designs.
The high-quality aspect of the pictures brings a sense of rare authenticity.

Explore beautiful interactive visual environments associate with real-life content.
Let yourself be guided by an immersive sound design that evolves with your choices.

Endless possibilities are imagined to make this concept evolve.
The purpose is to deliver a message and to share it with the world.

Скриншоты ONA

Скриншот из ONA
Скриншот из ONA
Скриншот из ONA
Скриншот из ONA
Скриншот из ONA