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Дата выхода: 25.11.2020

Описание Rising Constellation

Rising Constellation is a massively multiplayer, real-time 4X strategy and management game set in a sci-fi universe in which several factions compete for dominance over the galaxy.
Immerse yourself in a fundamentally cooperative gaming experience by choosing your faction based on its political regime, playstyle and history.
Gain power within your faction and become its charismatic leader or elect the member of your faction who will rule your empire, defining the broad lines of a military, diplomatic and economic strategy and leading your faction to victory.

Strategy and role play at the heart of the experience
The game places traditional 4X game mechanics (exploration, expansion, exploitation and extermination) within a setting that is ideal for all role-playing (RP) enthusiasts to write the Rising Constellation Story together.
Several different experiences are available to you:
  • " Flash " sessions of around 1h30 that take you on frenzied conquests of the galaxy with your faction mates. This format is ideal for competitive bouts between twenty players spread over 3-4 factions.
  • " Tactical " sessions that take place over multiple days and allow for slower pace of play, a greater immersion in the world, more role-playing, diplomacy and advanced strategies. A hundred players compete for 5 to 10 days for the domination of the galaxy.
  • " Legacy " sessions that last between 1 and 3 months give you even more time to get to know your allies and enemies, develop intricate plans, specialize in strength, diplomacy or cunning, and become your faction’s rising star. Around 1000 players can join this huge arena where factions compete for domination of the galaxy.
  • Finally, the " Prestige" sessions that will be similar in format to "legacy" sessions, except that they will run on a single server. Such sessions will offer 1000 players (partly chosen for their ranking in the game and partly selected at random through a lottery system) the opportunity to collectively write the history of Rising Constellation through their actions. At the end each server session and in consultation with the session’s most influential players, the history of the Rising Constellation universe will be modified and we will see factions regroup, implode or even disappear following the effects of wars, diplomatic negotiations, and betrayals.

A game of factions
Victory can only be achieved as a faction (your team) with each member playing an essential role in achieving their faction’s victory goals.
The collaborative aspect of the game offers you and your faction mates the opportunity to collectively define the strategies (economic, diplomatic, cultural, and warlike) that will lead your faction to victory.
Negotiations, political campaigns and acts of betrayal will be carried out within your faction when navigating key milestones such as choosing your faction’s leadership and setting the guiding principles of its diplomatic strategy.

A game of agents
You will have 3 types of agents at your disposal with which to help your faction:
  • The Navarchs: military agents that lead your spaceship fleets and conquer, weaken or colonize star systems. They can also be of great use within your empire to promote production and the construction of fleets.
  • The Effaced: powerful assassins and spies that are masters at gaining you insight into your enemy’s ploys and destabilizing them enemy by killing off their agents.
  • The Siderians: diplomats and outstanding speakers that rally the people and convert enemy agents to your cause.

    Multiple paths to victory
    There are several ways to win a game of Rising Constellation:
    • Way of the Conquest: militarily and diplomatically oriented
    • Way of the Culture: culturally and militarily oriented
    • Way of the Commerce: economically and diplomatically oriented
    • Way of the Shadows: agent oriented
    • Way of the Heroes: agent oriented

Скриншоты Rising Constellation

Скриншот из Rising Constellation
Скриншот из Rising Constellation
Скриншот из Rising Constellation
Скриншот из Rising Constellation
Скриншот из Rising Constellation
Скриншот из Rising Constellation
Скриншот из Rising Constellation