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Описание Antiprism

Antiprism is the world's first twin-ship VR shoot'em'up! Control one space ship in each hand as you go on a series of missions, fighting swarms of enemies and dodging dangerous projectiles and anomalies. Customize and upgrade multiple modules on your ships including weapons, armor and engines. Use special abilities gained from a mysterious ancient artifact. Embark on a space adventure that pits you against powerful enemies and takes you to the most dangerous parts of the galaxy.


  • Twin-ship single-player gameplay
  • Multiple ship systems to upgrade & customize
  • Procedurally generated missions with multiple enemy types
  • Challenging boss fights
  • Space anomalies that provide agility challenges or modify combat
  • Unique abilities granted by an alien artifact


Antiprism has been designed from the ground up as a VR-only experience.
We're working to make the game comfortable to play in any room setup, whether seated, standing or room-scale.
Antiprism's unique gameplay only works in a VR setting with two controllers and can't be played with a game controller or mouse and keyboard.

In Development

Antiprism is still under construction. We'll be posting regular updates as we reach milestones on our way to completing the game's development. Reach out to us here or on our Discord server if you have any questions or just want to get in touch.

Скриншоты Antiprism

Скриншот из Antiprism
Скриншот из Antiprism
Скриншот из Antiprism
Скриншот из Antiprism
Скриншот из Antiprism