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Дата выхода: 22.10.2020

Описание Change the World

"Human belief is the most unbelievable force in the universe."

The story:
On the third planet of the Sol system in the Milky Way galaxy, there lives a remarkable species. Known as humans, this race has the incredible ability to change reality through the power of belief. When enough humans believe something is true, it becomes true. The stronger their belief, the stronger the effect. No other species in existence can interact with metaphysical energies the way humans can.

For millennia, alien races have traveled to Earth in order to exploit this power. If enough humans believe you're a genius, then you are. Convince them you can travel at the speed of light, suddenly you can. And if they believe you're rich, you'll be drowning in credits without even trying.

The good times ended once the Federation found out what was happening. Travel to and from the Sol system became heavily regulated, and today Earth is the most locked-down planet in the universe. On top of that, humans are advancing, and convincing them of the impossible has gotten tougher than ever. This hasn't stopped the flow of fortune-seekers, who even now will pay any price to get a ticket to Earth, and a chance to get something no other race in the universe can provide.

One of those fortune-seekers is Farien Aanarhi, an Earth-jumper from the planet Phaelon. Three years ago, Farien sold off his most prized possession to pay for his ticket to Earth, thinking he could easily make humans believe he was insanely wealthy. Things haven't worked out the way he'd hoped. He now finds himself flat broke, deep in debt, and on the verge of being deported back to his home planet. He only has seven days left on Earth, and one last chance to turn things around before he loses everything.

  • Non-linear story with multiple endings
  • 38,000 words, around 3 hours in length
  • 99 original sprites
  • 20 music tracks
  • Made with Ren'Py

Version 1.04 changelog:
  • Updated title image
  • Added Vollkorn font
  • Fixed spelling / grammar errors
  • Minor script changes

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