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Описание Squishy Sports

What is Squishy Sports?

Squishy Sports is a bonkers 2D party game where the characters are SHAPES and everything is SQUISHY! Squishy Sports smashes the visuals of Saturday morning cartoons with addictive, local-multiplayer gameplay! Players compete against each other in tons of epic sports modes, with a pickup and play control system so the whole family can get involved!


A whole host of SQUISHY related sports to try out; from family favourites to completely bonkers inventions! Whether you’re challenging Dad to a game of football, or facing off against Nana in a round of table tennis, we’ve got you covered!

  • Football/Soccer
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Eggball
  • Table Tennis
And MORE to be announced soon!!!


Three juicy multiplayer modes to customise your matches:

  • QUICK PLAY - Straight into the action!
  • CUSTOM MODE - Customise matches just how you want!
  • PARTY MODE - Spin the wheel of fortune for a totally random match up - let the party begin!


Eight squishy characters to choose from, each with their own unique shape and personalities making every character feel completely different! Complete challenges to unlock awesome skins and victory celebrations for each character! Try them all to find your favourite!


Equip awesome special moves to disrupt the opponent! Smash balls and score goals to build your special charge to unleash a crazy piñata bomb, a giant tornado and many more! These might just give you the edge - but be careful they affect both friend and foe!


Six different environments to choose, ranging from a scorching hot beach to the bright lights of a capital city!

Who are we?

We are MADE BY TITANS! A pair of game making titans with a passion for creating quirky, light-hearted and, above all, FUN content. We love what we do and we have fun whilst doing it! We want our epic products to reflect this.

Скриншоты Squishy Sports

Скриншот из Squishy Sports
Скриншот из Squishy Sports
Скриншот из Squishy Sports
Скриншот из Squishy Sports
Скриншот из Squishy Sports
Скриншот из Squishy Sports