Скачать Nerm the Worm на Windows

Жанры: Инди
Дата выхода: 23.10.2020
200.00 RUB

Описание Nerm the Worm

Nerm is a very hungry worm and needs your help in guiding him safely to help him grow happy, long, and proud! While Nerm loves the fallen delicious apples that fall from trees far above his head, he is a very sensitive worm. Crashing into walls, rocks, or even his own body will instantly kill him and reduce his chances of escaping the many walled in rooms that stand between him and eternal bliss!

Nerm the Worm was developed from the heart with the end goal of making a brand new super fun-to-play snake game with unique twists and new turns! Nerm presents challenging goals, an adorable personality, and fifty grueling levels to progress through! Nerm just wants to escape! ..Can you help him?

Here are the highlights of what this game offers right NOW... and Why Nerm the Worm just might be one of the best 2D Snake games ever developed!

- 50 levels that slowly get more difficult and will truly test your worm maneuvering skills!

- The game saves your progress every 5 levels of advancement so that you can start new games from any of these save points you've previously hit!

- Up to 5 extra lives can be earned in your game but only if you start from level 1. Extra lives are awarded at 50k, 100k, 200k, 500k and 1 million points.

- The ability to customize the sound volumes exactly to what suits you best!

- You can toggle the game between full screen and windowed mode with the press of the TAB key!

- In Windowed mode, simply drag any corner of the window to change the size of the window to ANY size that best suits your needs!

- With the exclusive ball cap DLC, you can choose to wear (or not wear) a ball cap of 8 different colors while you try and beat the game!

- Use WASD, the arrow keys, or even change to full mouse control in the options menu to move Nerm!

- Simply use the Left Mouse Button or the Space Bar to make Nerm use his brakes to slow down around tight corners! (Braking too long can cause Nerm to lose part of his tail and length! Also using your brakes causes all apples to spoil at double the rate while you brake)

- Eating Green apples adds +1 to your current streak multiplier, which can help you rack up a high score very quickly!

- Eating Red apples doesn't add to your current streak, but also doesn't negatively affect it either!

- Eating Yellow or Black apples will reduce your current streak and start it at ZERO again!

- Black apples turn into ticking BOMBS which can kill Nerm if the explosion hits his head!

- Red Apples will flash white 3 times just before turning yellow to warn you before you potentially lose your current streak!

- Black apples that explode and hit any part of Nerms body will burn it at impact and cause Nerm to catch fire burning even more of your length you've worked so hard to increase!

- Purple Keys that drop open up tele-warp doors that allow Nerm to wrap from one side of the screen to the other, which can be very helpful!

- Green Exit Keys drop once you've passed the required length seen at the top and collecting this key will open up two green exit doors that allow Nerm to advance to the next level!

- Nerm says lots of adorable and cute things as you play the game!

Скриншоты Nerm the Worm

Скриншот из Nerm the Worm
Скриншот из Nerm the Worm
Скриншот из Nerm the Worm
Скриншот из Nerm the Worm
Скриншот из Nerm the Worm
Скриншот из Nerm the Worm
Скриншот из Nerm the Worm
Скриншот из Nerm the Worm
Скриншот из Nerm the Worm
Скриншот из Nerm the Worm