Скачать Hocus Defenders Demo на Windows

Дата выхода: 07.10.2020

Описание Hocus Defenders Demo

About Limited Experience

In this limited experience you can try the first part of Hocus defenders in a limited set of worlds.

About Hocus Defenders

Is a Tower Defense game with the classic’s mechanics but also with a roguelike style twist, it means that you will need to play incremental runs in a procedural/modular world unlocking the different mysteries and untangle the story of Abrakadom and yourself.

For the battle you will have the help of a “Deck” full of powerful spells from where you will draw hands, so you never really know what will be the next spells. Also, during the run additionally to the base towers you will find elite and mutant towers that will mean a huge help and could be the difference between the victory and the defeat.

The theme is heavily inspired on a sword and sorcery universe in a land called Abrakadom where you act as a rogue wizard and need to discover what had happened (Last time you checked you status I’m pretty sure it was “in a nice neutral relationship with the realm”)

Main Features

  • 30 towers to destroy enemy hordes
  • Mutant and Legendary towers
  • Powerful Deck cards to adapt to your game style
  • Lots of cards to invoke destructive nature power, fortitude the towers, or wipe tons of enemies
  • Rogue-like based game, with procedural maps and variable runs
  • 6 differentiate environments with themed enemies
  • Multiple perks to improve your skills
  • Crazy story that includes angry mobs, hell monsters and so many sorcerers
  • More than 30 types of enemies,
  • 9 bosses seeking your energy