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Жанры: Инди
Дата выхода: 22.04.2021

Описание DRYAD


Dryad takes place in 2014, putting you in the shoes of Josh Miller, a famed true-crime author with many hits under his belt. His new venture focuses on "The Tellus Murders", a brutal event where 4 camp counselors were murdered at the site of Camp Tellus. He goes to the camp 40 years later to find clues that lead to a terrifying discovery...


• Point and Click Exploration!
• Full Voice Acting!
• Story Cutscenes!
• Items & Inventory System!
• Thrilling Music Compositions!
• Full Controller Support!


Main Developer, Writer, Coding Assistance: Ultranite

Co-Developer, Animator, UI Design: NeeTroo

Lead Programmer: TheManiacMartian

Modeler and Character Designers: HeroGollum, Darroc

Environmental Modeler: Burnt-Cookie

Composer: Synoxsis

Extra Help: TannerFeline, Emil Macko, psondp, oddRL, Ruthoranium, FanBoi

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