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Дата выхода: 06.10.2020

Описание Mind Scanners Demo

Mind Scanners is a retro-futuristic management game about diagnosing and treating anomaly citizens. Meet peculiar characters, analyze their personalities and decide whether they need your help. Use arcade-style treatment devices and manage your resources to keep The Structure in harmony. Remember, you take full responsibility of your patients.

  • Manage your time and resources each day to aid residents of The Structure
  • Deduce citizen’s personality type by carefully analyzing their views of the world
  • Operate and master each arcade-style device to treat your patients
  • Spend your ₭apok, science points and time to develop new devices
  • Make decisions and experience challenging ethical dilemmas
  • Report any Moonrise activities or join them to help their cause
  • Gain The Structure’s trust if you want to see your daughter

Eighty years after the blast. Survivors scraped together an existence, hiding amid the ruins of a now lost civilisation. Since people understood the power of the Zygnoka, it took no time for the technology to escalate to previous levels before briskly overtaking them. In only 40 years, the megacity known as The Structure was erected. Here, the people isolated themselves, accelerating their dependence on technology and fashioning their society as a machine of its own.

In The Structure, order is maintained by severe top-down control and in the name of efficiency, new machines and instruments are put to use on the public the instant they are ready. In pursuit of order, a new profession known as Mind Scanners is charged with maintaining the increasingly precarious sanity level of the city’s inhabitants.

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Скриншот из Mind Scanners Demo
Скриншот из Mind Scanners Demo
Скриншот из Mind Scanners Demo
Скриншот из Mind Scanners Demo
Скриншот из Mind Scanners Demo