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Описание Orb and the Stars

"It's time to rekindle the stars" - Guillaume Apollinaire

Would you like to rediscover the simple pleasure of vintage marble maze games from your childhood, while accomplishing an epic mission across the cosmos?

Orb & the Stars is not like classic marble video games where you control the ball itself on slopes and bridges. In Orb & the Stars, you will have to use different mechanics to overcome the obstacles that stand in your way. Springs, teleporters, pressure plates and tilting mazes... Relighting constellations is no small task and the cosmos has many surprises in store for you!

Along the way, you will meet star spirits, ethereal manifestations of some particularly bright stars. Some will stand in your way, while other will rally your cause and help you as much as they can!

Orb & the Stars in a nutshell:

  • The pleasure of a marble game... but in a video game, and in space!
  • Explore and discover eight constellations from the southern hemisphere sky: Canis Major, Corvus, and the giant ship Argo Navis!
  • Various mechanisms and equipment to progress through the levels: thrusters, catapults, hang gliding ...
  • An original soundtrack that should stay in your head for a while.
  • Collectible Star Fragments, to unlock cosmetic items for the orb
  • A hidden level to unlock for the brave who have collected all the star fragments!

Orb & the Stars is the very first game from Cataire Studio, an independent video game studio created in 2020.

Скриншоты Orb and the Stars

Скриншот из Orb and the Stars
Скриншот из Orb and the Stars
Скриншот из Orb and the Stars
Скриншот из Orb and the Stars
Скриншот из Orb and the Stars