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Описание Just A Flu

In Just A Flu, you take on the task of saving the region from the deadly fast spreading disease. 'Patient Zero' is infected, and you have minimal resources and time to stop the catastrophe.

Decide how to deal with infected people, when to close transport hubs, declare quarantine, or lockdown. Think not only about anti-pandemic measures but also how to avoid panic and not destroy the economy, causing more harm. The disease is growing and changing. You'll be constantly rethinking measures taken to minimize pandemic consequences.

Key features

  • Three game modes: Normal for casual game, Experiments for stress-free sandbox play, and Extreme for the ultimate challenge.
  • Random evolving disease to fight with, so each game plays out differently. An approach that worked successfully last game may not work in the next one.
  • Detailed stats and graphs; monitor infected and cured, track population and economy reactions.
  • Balance your strategy. If you underestimate the treat, the disease will kill everyone; if you overreact economy will collapse, causing тno less harm.
  • Real-world or imagined regions with unique set of preferences.

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Скриншот из Just A Flu
Скриншот из Just A Flu
Скриншот из Just A Flu
Скриншот из Just A Flu
Скриншот из Just A Flu