Дополнение Potion Commotion Fanbook

Жанры: Стратегии
Дата выхода: 26.10.2020
82.00 RUB

Описание Potion Commotion Fanbook

Introducing the Potion Commotion Digital Fanbook!!
Featuring a variety of cool and interesting content about the game and its development.

If you enjoyed Potion Commotion, then purchasing the Fanbook is a fantastic way to go the extra mile to help support the Developer's work on future updates and projects.

Key Features

  • Character Profiles
  • Game Art
  • Cut Content
  • Commentary & Trivia
  • And a bonus Puzzle Page, featuring fun and games!!

Get yourself a copy of the Potion Commotion Fanbook today!!

To access a purchased Fanbook, go to Library > Potion Commotion > Manage > Browse Local Files > Potion Commotion Fanbook.pdf

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