Дополнение WAKFU - Pack Minéral

Жанры: Стратегии
Дата выхода: 30.09.2020

Описание WAKFU - Pack Minéral

Agony, mother of Raval, the protector of Septangel, and a necromancer in her spare time (of which she's had plenty recently…), wanders the upper floors of her Mineral Tower, brooding. Still not entirely used to being a Veriun Dead since her dramatic exit from Externam, her mood has been more than a little rocky these days…

If you're going to face her and discover the changes she's made to her home, you'd better be well-equipped. Lucky for you, the Mineral pack is available now!

It contains:

- A 30-Day God Booster,
- A Mineral Costume,
- An Agony Finisher (linked to account),
And a Mineral Run (linked to account).

Скриншоты WAKFU - Pack Minéral

Скриншот из WAKFU - Pack Minéral