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Дата выхода: 01.10.2020

Описание Kapia Demo

The mysterious adventure of a small girl and her grandfather in the funky apocalyptic world of KAPIA.

The World Union has collapsed, the nations are divided into coalitions "East" and "West," a mysterious intelligent infection is forcing people to live under city lockdown. This is the world that needs saving–the world of KAPIA.

Amidst the chaos, Stefan, a retired pilot and a strong-willed grandfather, takes on the responsibility of ending the conflict. Little does he know his most powerful ally will be his little granddaughter, Reny.

  • Point-and-click
    A traditional point and click flow with an easily accessible drop-down inventory. To make things more exciting we also added a first-person close-up menu where you can interact with various items.

  • Play for both characters
    People have different sides to them, and the same goes for characters in KAPIA. Discover the story from different perspectives as you play for both Stefan and Reny. Follow their own unique paths to achieve a common goal.

  • Unique 3D design
    KAPIA is a reimagined living museum. Enjoy a carefully crafted environment that suits the unusual combination of medieval architecture and futuristic gadgets. Intelligent robots walk the streets of manually carved stone, power banks light up antique lamps, and typewriters serve as input devices for powerful computers.

  • Puzzles and mini-games
    Logic and diversity was the key to our work on this most significant aspect of the game. Just like in traditional point-and-click most puzzles are tied up with objects, but there are also conversational puzzles and a whole bunch of logical mini-games.

  • Voiced dialogues
    We selected voice talents from all over the world based on their acting skills and they didn’t disappoint. Each actor brought to the game a part of their own experience making the world of KAPIA truly multinational.

Скриншоты Kapia Demo

Скриншот из Kapia Demo
Скриншот из Kapia Demo
Скриншот из Kapia Demo
Скриншот из Kapia Demo
Скриншот из Kapia Demo
Скриншот из Kapia Demo
Скриншот из Kapia Demo