Дополнение HARDCORE MECHA - GurrenLagann

Жанры: Инди
Дата выхода: 30.09.2020

Описание HARDCORE MECHA - GurrenLagann

From the developer

Gurren Boomerang、Skull Break、Full Drillized、Fire Cart Kick、Giga Drill Break...
Under the technology limit and game balance, We reduce most abilities in the game, and these can be controlled by your hands.

If you ask us what we insist, so we have to mention the most important feature of Hardcore Mecha------To make players feel the mecha from the anime, and this time we did it again.

For example, in the anime when Gurren Lagan throws its glasses out to freeze the enemy than raise its giant drill. Generally speaking, these two movements should be together and hit the target 100%, but we decide to split them into two parts,

Players will find out Giga Drill Break is hard to hit someone who has prepared for defense, so this time you need to charge Gurren Boomerang to freeze the enemy, then dash to cancel backswing, so you can start Giga Drill Break. When you finish your enemy with your combo, we believe everyone can understand why Kamina create these with his life. If everyone can feel what Simon feels when he cast abilities, we will very glad to see that.

Thanks to the pilot feature, we can restore Simon in the game. We design ability with high damage for Simon------Core Drill.

Just like the battle of the Spiral King in the anime, everyone has a chance to damage the enemy's mecha.

There is still much exciting design in the game, but we hope the player can find them out in the DLC. We hope you enjoy the game!

Об игре

Your drill is the drill that will pierce the heavens!


The mian mecha of Team Gurren. It is a Gunmen with high explosive power, which can construct all sorts of unique weapons using its Spiral Power.

Primary Weapon - Gurren Boomerang
Throws a pair of sunglasses from its chest.

Secondary Weapon - Giga Drill Break
Gurren Lagann's ultimate attack creating a gigantic drill with explosive power.

Light Melee - Skull Break
Attacks x4 combo attack, but can only be used on the ground.

Light Melee - Fire Cart Kick
Kicks towards the ground, but can only be used midair.

Heavy Melee - Full Drillized
Drills burst out from its body, attacking surrounding enemies.

Light Melee(Lagann) - Tackle

Secondary Weapon(Lagann) - Lagann Impact


A boy called "Digging Simon". He found a small drill while digging a hole, and it will change his destiny…

This DLC contains Gurren-Lagann, Lagann and pilot Simon. The DLC supports Local & Online Multiplayer Mode, Training Mode and Single-player Simulation Mode.
*To unlock Simulation Mode by completing Campaign Mode.

Скриншоты HARDCORE MECHA - GurrenLagann

Скриншот из HARDCORE MECHA - GurrenLagann
Скриншот из HARDCORE MECHA - GurrenLagann
Скриншот из HARDCORE MECHA - GurrenLagann
Скриншот из HARDCORE MECHA - GurrenLagann
Скриншот из HARDCORE MECHA - GurrenLagann