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Описание Winter War 1939

I am a 1 man developer. This game is a work in progress.

Play as Finland or Russia. Take command of units and lead them into battle to conquer the enemy strongholds.
Order your units to follow, stay, or charge the enemy lines.
Intense ww2 battles with hundreds of units to command and destroy!
Fight on historic battlefields or generate maps and battles in sandbox mode.

Use a wide selection of vehicles, tanks, and airplanes at your disposal:
T26 & T28 tanks, Flame tanks, armored cars, aerosani snow-mobiles, trucks, sleds pulled by reindeer. Ski across the vast forests and lakes of Finland to outflank the enemy.
Fly Fokker XXI and defend the skies against Soviet air raids, or use rockets and bombs for daring ground attacks.

Join the Soviet Air force and pilot I-15 and I-16 fighters to gain air superiority, or fly Tupolev SB2 bombers to pound the Finnish defenses.
Set strategic objectives or fire artillery and mortars, or provide targets for the artillery and air force.

Gain resources to build a wide range of defenses, weapons, and vehicles.


★ FPS with command of units.
★ Sandbox Mode.
★ 7 huge historic ww2 battlefields with hundreds of units.
★ Tanks, vehicles and artillery.
★ Fighters, bombers.
★ All vehicles, artillery and airplanes are operable by player.
★ Rifles, SMG and MG, sniper rifle, AT rifle, mortar, Molotov cocktails, skis and reindeer.
★ Build fortifications and weapons.
★ Weather system with snow, clouds, temperature & wind.
★ Destructible structures.
★ Original voice-acting in Russian and Finnish.

Play on massive battlefields covering over 100 square km., representing real historic battlefields of the Winter War.
Fight in the trenches and bunkers of the heavily fortified Mannerheim Line of the Karelian Isthmus.

Ambush, divide and destroy the stretched out Soviet forces on Raate Road in the deep cold forests near Suomussalmi in the north.

Lead the Red Army to victory on the battlefields of the frozen lakes of Tolvajarvi.
Use Finnish ski troops and take advantage of the terrain to resist the vastly superior manpower and weaponry of the Soviets.

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Скриншот из Winter War 1939
Скриншот из Winter War 1939
Скриншот из Winter War 1939
Скриншот из Winter War 1939