Скачать BASIC8 на Windows, Mac, Linux

Описание BASIC8


Share your creative disks via Workshop using built-in tools, and play others' creations.


Make redistributable standalone player for Windows, MacOS and Linux with the Player Maker, and for browsers with the HTML Maker.

О программе

BASIC8 is an integrated Fantasy Computer for game and other program development. You can create, share and play disks in a modern BASIC dialect, with built-in tools for editing sprite, tiles, map, quantized, etc. It's been a while since we used to enjoy coding and playing straightforward after a computer bootup. The goal of BASIC8 is bringing a sense of joy back from retro/vintage computing and gaming, also being quick at getting higher level stuff done for contemporary development for everyone.

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  • Handy sharing via Workshop with built-in tools
  • Disk can be made into standalone player with the Player Maker and HTML Maker
  • Disk can be saved as "*.b8" file, "*.png", or text based for sharing
  • Programmable in an easy to learn BASIC dialect with both retro and modern syntax
  • Easy to use API for graphics, input, audio, and more other facilities
  • Visualized built-in tools for editing sprite, tiles, map, quantized, etc.
  • Visualized Wave Maker for making sound effect
  • Easy to bring your own tools
  • More features coming...


  • Display: 160x128 pixels
  • Audio: 2 music channels, 4 sound effect channels
  • Code: BASIC (structured/prototype-based/functional)
  • Graphics: up to 65535 drawing commands per cycle
  • Palette: 16 colors with transparency support
  • Sprite: up to 32x32 pixels per frame, up to 512 frames per sprite
  • Tiles: 240 cels
  • Map: up to 128x64 tiles per layer, up to 4 layers (including a layer of logic mark) per page
  • Gamepad: 6 buttons for each pad (D-Pad + A/B), up to 8 players
  • Keyboard and mouse: supported


  • Case-insensitive; but no line number in BASIC8
  • Built-in LIST and DICT
  • Structured sub routine definition with the DEF/ENDDEF statements
  • LAMBDA expression enhanced
  • Prototype-based CLASS paradigm
  • With both manually and automatically dispatched COROUTINE
  • Importing multiple source files with the IMPORT statement
  • Automatic releasing of referenced objects by GC
  • Built-in libraries for File, IO, JSON, Matrix, Network, Web, etc.
  • No limitation for file quantity (code, sprites, maps, etc.)
  • More advantages to be discovered...

Скриншоты BASIC8

Скриншот из BASIC8
Скриншот из BASIC8
Скриншот из BASIC8
Скриншот из BASIC8
Скриншот из BASIC8
Скриншот из BASIC8
Скриншот из BASIC8