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Описание Orbs Demo

Orbs is a truly unique science-fiction multiplayer online role playing game featuring an open world where players are sent to explore, control and rule futuristic and mysterious zones in order to discover their secrets.
Players are not only fighting their way through the world, but are also in a permanent conflict and competition against each other.
Orbs improves rapidly and is updated almost daily! Orbs is being developed by a single person.

Complete Feature List:
- Modules can be activated and used to combat foes or to support allies, ranging from effective over special modules to passive modules, getting stronger the more you collect
- Complex player progression system granting charge to everyone contributing in a destuction of an orb, no matter if you are a tank, a damage dealer or a supporter
- Various random events like anomalies, light cracks, security orbs, world stealer orbs or enigma holes bringing action to the battle field
- Battery stress system balancing the progress of hardcore and casual players by throttling progress by a fair amount
- Multiplayer features like operating systems, sociality or bundling aiding players who decide to play with others
- Overcharging system granting a massive boost to the one contributing the most in a destruction of a boss orb
- Intro scene showing the infiltration's beginning right before your orb starts it's journey into the unknown
- Combat text indicators displaying all kind of measurable effects, like damage, heal or cooling applied
- Module activation hotkey system giving you quick access to a wide range of abilities at the same time
- Tooltips helping you to understand every detail behind stats, modules and zones management
- Unique non player character behaviour. Aggressive, defensive, supportive or retiringly
- Home zone enabling you to organize all kinds of things and plan your next infiltration
- Loot drop system rewarding you with new and more powerful modules along your adventure
- Leaderboard showing off your achieved score gained by controlling and ruling the world
- Randomized spawning system making combat challenging and diversified at all time
- Safe zones saving your position and progression and heal you back up quickly
- Complex stats mechanics giving you the ability to focus on your play style
- Dropping instant aids to quickly get your orb ready for the next encounter
- Story telling system displaying communication between you and your command
- Transport instruments enabling you to cross the battle field very quickly
- Constructs to capture, rule and upgrade in order establish your own base
- Music fitting the atomsphere and theme of the zone you are currently in
- Store multiple orbs in your arsenal to be prepared for every challenge
- Auto-navigation system lets you travel to previously visited zones
- Drone system constructs computer controlled orbs fighting for you
- Hidden traps will surprise you in the most unsuitable situations
- Friend invitation system speeds up your first time in the world
- Achievements granting game changing benefits after each unlock
- Benefit system granting game changing effects for your account
- Upgradable modules amplifing their powers with variations
- Pick an affiliation to empower your prefered play style
- Sealing system enabling players to seal off their zones
- World map displaying all zones you have already visited
- Themed zones challenging player in many different ways
- Artifact modules empowering orbs in a very special way
- Triggerable events unleashing smart zone wide effects
- Chat system to locally communicate with other players
- Vocal combat announcements (Unreal Tournament Style)
- Futuristic environment to explore and interact with
- Inventory to store unused modules for later matters
- Hidden areas concealing extras for you to discover
- Help system introducing new aspects of the game
- Universal log displaying all major events
- Restarting game world
- First person view

Скриншоты Orbs Demo

Скриншот из Orbs Demo
Скриншот из Orbs Demo
Скриншот из Orbs Demo
Скриншот из Orbs Demo
Скриншот из Orbs Demo