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Дата выхода: 15.12.2017

Описание Live And Learn

How would life on Earth have developed if the asteroid that caused the extinction of the dinosaurs had missed our world and split the Moon instead? When the planet's gravity is changing twice a day, it takes a special breed to stand above the rest of the animal kingdom.

Explore the island of Skyline, the home nation of the walking, talking squirrel people who have displaced humans at the top of the evolutionary tree. Gifted with extraordinary physical, mental and military prowess, the globe-spanning squirrel empire is the envy of the world … and the focus of its fears. An uneasy peace between unequal species has endured for decades, but change can come swiftly.


The island od Skyline and its surroundings are your sandbox to live in and play with, testing almost endless strategies and approaches to situations. The only tutorial needed is your own experience of how the real world works.


The advanced 'CamAnims' character animation system custom-developed for Live And Learn over a period of three years provides unsurpassed realtime fine-control of the player's body and limbs, using control layouts that are intuitively natural. Every problem in the game world can be approached in the same way that you might approach it in real life with your own body.


Pick up, carry and drop objects with your player character's hands, using one hand or both. Every object has a mass that affects mobility, enabling flexible balancing of held objects for different character builds (lightly equipped and vulnerable but fast moving, heavily equippe and well protected but slow, etc).

Object mass also realistically influences the movement speed of the limbs and body, with quick arm swinging of lightweight objects and slow swinging when holding heavy objects. Movement actions such as walking / running, jumping and side-stepping are also altered by the total carried mass.


Each part of the player character's body has impact-sensitive flesh that can determine the strength of impacts applied ot it and generate the appropriate level of pain response.

Severe pain reduces the effectiveness of that body part, enabling enemies or opposition players to deliberately target and wear down those part. The injured player, meanwhile, has the opportunity to counter with other body sections until the pain in the affected parts has subsided, restoring their full function. The intensity of physical pain and emotional states is also reflected in the facial expressions of characters, providing visual feedback to friend and foe alike.


Create and name your own custom squirrel character from a wide range of personalization options.


Play solo or with up to three players on the same computer in split-screen view. Work together in co-op or duel each other for honors.


Go online on your own or with a team of up to eight players on your computer and host an online server or join a server.

The number of players that can be hosted in an online session or join an existing session as clients is dictated by the specification of the host and client computers.

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