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Описание Battle Shapes

​A top down geometric spaceship game. Created with inspirations from Smash Bros and Asteroids, Battle Shapes has a vintage feel that incorporates team work and competition. Unlock shapes, battle for upgrades, and survive the Commissioner - all in this instant classic.

The game's core gameplay is spent in battle, competing with other shapes (AI or Players) for victory. Battle Modes are the different ways to experience this core mechanic. There are three Battle Modes that every player will, inevitably, face - each of which only lasts between 60 and 120 seconds. They are, as follows:

  • Payload: With a ball set at the center of the map, chaos will ensue as players compete to hold onto the ball for the longest amount of time. (Free For All and Teams - AI compatible)
  • Elimination: The winner will be the shape that walks away with the most kills by game's end. (Free For All and Teams - AI compatible)
  • Heist: The map is split in two, each side with its own ball - and own goal zone. The team that can manage to score the most goals by capturing the opposing team's ball, will win. (Teams only - AI compatible)

The game comes with a variety of ways you can use, collect, and develop your Battle Shapes - each unique - each important. They are, as follows:

  • Theater: Set out on an adventure to stop the Commissioner. Styled like an old school fighting game, you'll select a single Battle Shape to undergo several stages.
  • Legacy: A collection of challenges that requires the player to win battles under constraining conditions. Each challenge features a minimalist realization of some story.
  • Grinder: As you collect gears by playing the game, you'll use those gears in the Grinder to GEARUP your favorite Battle Shapes.
  • Battle: A local mode where you can create custom matches and compete with friends and AI.
  • Arcade: A local mode where you can cooperate with friends in order to survive through waves of geometric onslaughts collecting mods and leveling up.

Now here are some features you really don't want to miss:

  • Couch Multiplayer & Coop - Bringing it Back Baby
  • 15+ Battle Shapes to Unlock
  • Some Awards to Waste Your Life On
  • The Strengthening of Friendships Through Adversity and High Volume Conversations
  • A Psychedelic Soundtrack
  • Xbox Controller Support
  • A Guarantee to Quickly Help Solve Any Bugs or Problems That Might Arise - Just Let Us Know
  • The Chance to Help a College Student Pay His Student Loans - Yay
  • Self Loathing - A Bunch

Online Multiplayer & Coop Coming Soon

Скриншоты Battle Shapes

Скриншот из Battle Shapes
Скриншот из Battle Shapes
Скриншот из Battle Shapes
Скриншот из Battle Shapes
Скриншот из Battle Shapes
Скриншот из Battle Shapes
Скриншот из Battle Shapes