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Дата выхода: 06.12.2017
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Описание Raining Coins

Are you looking out for a relaxing gameplay to explore now then Raining coins is the perfect game to play. It is one of the best rain game to play, there is a character Eve who is very poor and collects the coin and runs the livelihood.

The twist of Raining coins on rainy days instead of water, gold coins drop from the sky and Eve has to collect the maximum coins to live the life. With the coins, you can buy toys, accessories, dresses and other things for Eve and make her happy. A perfect cute game to play and explore.

It is an easy and tricky game as you have to manage things for Eve on sunny times as well so you have to be sure how you plan the game. The best part of Raining coins game is that it is for all age group people either kid, teenager or working this game is very addictive you would never get bored off Raining coins. Not only this the game can be played in the touchscreen game mode and tilt game mode play. There are many in-app purchases of the game available inside in case you want to jump into the next exciting versions of the game.

The designs of Raining coins is super cute and attractive. The HD display and the soothing background music enhances the joy of playing the game. As soon as the weather changes the backgrounds and the music changes accordingly and this is something which takes you to the next level of entertainment. There are like 80 rounds in the game, each round with new excitement, fun and adventure.

One of the simplest yet tricky games on the store to explore with lots of small hunts you need to do to make Eve survive despite the weather change, you need to make Eve happy with buying the necessary clothes, food, accessories. One of the happy game to play which relaxes your mind.

Attractive features of the game:

► Completely free game with ads. (You can stop them)
► Super cute graphics & cute characters game.
► 4 worlds & 80 exciting rounds free to play.
► Dress Eve up with skirts, costumes and accessories! ( best dress game)
► Get help if you need it. - Hint for gameplay.
► Free bonus items every day. - Bonus Game
► Full tablet support with Full HD graphics.
► Graphics change according to weather conditions

Why stop yourself from just reading and imagining how beautiful it would look "coins raining from sky" - one of the best imaginary game which will take you to the town of coins. One of the best free game on the store is Raining coins.

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Скриншот из Raining Coins
Скриншот из Raining Coins
Скриншот из Raining Coins
Скриншот из Raining Coins
Скриншот из Raining Coins