Дополнение Galactic Lords OST для Galactic Lords

Дата выхода: 16.11.2017
61.00 RUB

Описание Galactic Lords OST

This Original Sound Tracks include the following:
All musical tracks from the game with 1 extra track and 2 remixes in RAW quality
All sound effects from the game with voice over in both Russian and English

01. title [00:17] (Title Screen)
02. galaxy [00:34] (Galaxy Selection Screen)
03. cold [00:42] (Galaxy of Lord Replicus)
04. spacy [00:28] (Battle with Normal Units)
05. superX [00:29] (Battle with other Lords)
06. fields [00:29] (Galaxy of Lord Palmicus)
07. network [00:51] (Galaxy of Lord Sigurdicus)
08. dimension [00:54] (Galay of Lord Heartus)
09. metaphysical [00:40] (Galaxy of Lord Saintus)
10. collision [00:36] (Galaxy of Lord Rorschachus)
11. xitilon [00:34] (Galaxy of The Lord of the Universe)
12. dangerous fight [00:44] (Final Boss)
13. ignition [00:44] (Extra Boss) (not in-game)
14. ending [00:32] (Ending)

ANOTHER dimension [00:52] (Used in trailer)
VIRTUAL FACES [00:26] (for unreleased game)

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