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Дата выхода: 13.02.2018

Описание Rockfest

Build your own festival in Rockfest!
Create your festival like you always wanted and build tents, takeaways, toilets, rides and more in order to satisfy the needs of your visitors. Take care of fresh supplies and keep the area clean to avoid the festival drowning in chaos.

Real bands for your lineup!
The festival radio offers you a wide range of music streams from different genres. Whether you prefer hard rock, metal, alternative, punk, hardcore, electronic music or hip-hop – create your own lineup. The highlight: the music in the game is music from real newcomer artists. If you are a musician yourself or if you play in a band you can also upload your own music and rock the festivals of players all over the world! The game internal charts show you which bands are hot among the players. Is your band in the charts? Maybe you also discover the next rock star or simply your new favourite band.

It´s a long way to the top!
In the beginning your festival will be small, with a handmade stage consisting of pallets, planks and nails and a two-digit audience. But don´t give up – give the visitors what they want, collect XP, enlarge your festival site and soon you will be among the other top festival managers. Start your own festival today!

- Create and manage your own music festival
- Festival radio with real bands for your individual lineup
- Game internal music charts show the most popular bands and songs
- Choose from a variety of buildings and attractions
- Different upgrade levels for buildings
- Leaderboards – who is the world´s leading top manager?

Information for musicians
Rockfest offers you a one-of-a-kind chance to present your music to a huge audience all over the world and boost your degree of popularity. Using the game internal charts you can check if the players like your music – and maybe it´s your start for a career in the music business. All you need is your music, a short band bio and your band logo. At the game homepage you can create an account and start uploading your music. You will also find additional information there. Rock ‘n’ Roll!

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Скриншот из Rockfest
Скриншот из Rockfest
Скриншот из Rockfest
Скриншот из Rockfest