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Дата выхода: 24.04.2019
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Описание Save Your Nuts

Squirrels organize tournaments to challenge other animals in a physics-based competition frenzy! Make daring plays alongside your teammates; grab food power-ups; and tackle your opponents to steal their nuts and beat the competition in Save Your Nuts – a multiplayer-focused party game.

Couch Party up to 8 Players + Bots

Buddy up with your friends in Couch Party Mode, which supports 1-8 players and challenging AI-controlled opponents.
Invent new strategies on the fly, and enlist your friends to unleash creative combos.

Online Multiplayer

Test your nut-saving mettle against others across the globe with online matchmaking.

Competitive game modes

Ignite your passion for competition in 3 different modes (Capture the nut, Battle, and Thieves).


Customize squirrels, dogs and other animals with fun cosmetic hats, costumes, and skins – and then flaunt your fashion sense on the battlefield.


Unlock new characters, weapons, and experiment with wild power-ups and level hazards to gain an edge over your opponents.

Simple and intuitive controls, new players can easily jump in and have fun.
It’s easy to play, but hard to master: There is not a lot of place for luck, this game is skill-based. You can make a huge difference by knowing when is the best moment to attack or defend, by doing accurate jumps, shots, passes and by choosing the right items and power-ups at the right time.

The gameplay is based on:
  • The ability to predict and control the physical behavior of the nut.
  • The team play, cooperation is key
  • The interactions with the environments (reliefs, traps, food, platforms...).

Capture the nut

Collect nuts one by one. You have 5 min to collect 5 nuts. If the time is up, the team with the most nuts win the match (overtime in case of a draw).


Players can steal nuts from the other team’s safehouse!
Players who enjoy hectic battles will love this mode since you can fight for more than one nut at a time.


Knock out the opponents and be the last one standing to win.
With Teams or Free for all.

You can also dig on the red cross to find useful items like Bombs, Poop Traps, Jetpacks, flamethrower, giant flyswatters, baseball bat, and more...

Скриншоты Save Your Nuts

Скриншот из Save Your Nuts
Скриншот из Save Your Nuts
Скриншот из Save Your Nuts
Скриншот из Save Your Nuts
Скриншот из Save Your Nuts
Скриншот из Save Your Nuts
Скриншот из Save Your Nuts