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Дата выхода: 28.11.2017

Описание MAGIX Video Pro X9 Steam Edition

New Version


О программе

Edit videos with Video Pro X9 – Steam Edition for broadcast-ready results for all kinds of footage - from live recordings to videos shot with professional cameras.Edit footage in resolutions of up to 6K and get butter-smooth results thanks to scalable proxy editing. With high-end video effects, audio processing and authoring, Video Pro X9 – Steam Edition is a trailblazer in all things post-production and allows for true creative freedom when you're editing projects.

Expand your spectrum of features with lookup tables, multicam editing, flexible track handling and 16-bit deep color grading.

The most important features:

  • The perfect opening: Create professional intros with over 250 new title templates

  • No virtual reality headset? Create exciting 2D videos from 360 degree recordings you've imported.

  • NEW!Achieve a chameleon effect: Apply the appearance of other footage to your recordings using lookup tables.

  • NEW!Up to 5X faster: Optimized performance with up to five times faster processing and Intel GPU hardware acceleration.

  • Broadcast color feature: For images more brilliant than ever before

  • Look to the future: Easily edit 6K videos with special film, project and export presets

  • Wide-ranging support for professional formats such as ProRes, AVC intra and many more.

  • Add a burst of color: Primary and secondary 3-way color correction, 16-bit deep color processing

  • Sounds right: Surround sound editing in broadcast quality

  • Access higher quality results: Hardware-based decoding for HD UHD H.264 and H.265*

*HEVC encoding requires fee-based activation.

Professional image and sound

Video production:

Edit your gameplays in smooth 6K resolution with scalable proxy editing. Thanks to support for all current video formats, you can import drone videos, gameplays and action cam recordings without a glitch.Combine several recordings as a nested sequence and use them as a single object in your other videos – this way you can instantly create edits of your best gaming results. You can then upload these from directly within the program to YouTube and Vimeo.

Audio editing:

Video Pro X9 – Steam Edition also has powerful audio editing tools. A realtime audio mixer, keyframe control and sample-precise editing as well as a ton of broadcast-quality effects give you everything you need for optimizing audio tracks.

Other highlights:

NEW!Flexible track handling

Add to your video projects at any time - even after the fact. Add new tracks directly at the position you want without having to move other tracks. Makes adding new ideas easy.

Easy beat-based editing

Set snap markers to the beat of the music and synchronize your recordings with the audio material.

Multicam editing

Just like on TV: During playback, switch perspective live on up to 9 tracks and record all cuts exactly as they happen.

Скриншоты MAGIX Video Pro X9 Steam Edition

Скриншот из MAGIX Video Pro X9 Steam Edition
Скриншот из MAGIX Video Pro X9 Steam Edition
Скриншот из MAGIX Video Pro X9 Steam Edition
Скриншот из MAGIX Video Pro X9 Steam Edition
Скриншот из MAGIX Video Pro X9 Steam Edition