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Дата выхода: 02.12.2017

Описание MyTD

[MYTD] is a tower defense strategy game, Unlike traditional tower defense.has added a lot of fresh play.

[MYTD] is a pixel tower game strategy placed through games, with endless defense mode, character upgrades, defensive towers skills to choose, turret and changeful, one thousand kinds of style let you challenge without limit, the monster skills varied properties, reasonable choice to build battery is the key, technology upgrade is the hard truth, reasonable collocation built to recruit success!

Game features:

1. defense tower combination. Build a specific defense tower on a particular building and gain additional skills. The combination is rich.

2. Property phase 2 (ground -> water -> fire -> wind-> ground). Each defense tower, monster has a property. Damage can be affected by a defensive tower attack monster with a phase gram or a phase-gram property.

3. Defense tower skills. The defensive tower is very skilled and now has 131 skills. It's still growing.

4. Monster skill. Monsters have different skills, too. A lot. And it's increasing

5. Different circulation modes and endless modes with traditional towers.

6. Technology upgrading. Silver COINS gained in the game can be upgraded with technology prior to the game, and technology has been upgraded (more than 300 technology upgrades have been made).

7. defense tower upgrades. Each defense tower upgrade is divided into: character upgrade, weapon upgrade. The character upgrade can obtain the attribute points per level, which can be freely allocated by the player. Upgrade weapons acquire new skills, skill upgrading, weapon evolution, etc.

Скриншоты MyTD

Скриншот из MyTD
Скриншот из MyTD
Скриншот из MyTD
Скриншот из MyTD
Скриншот из MyTD
Скриншот из MyTD