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Дата выхода: 27.11.2017

Описание Dream Channel

Dream Channel is a 'choose your own adventure' VR series about gangsters who buy and sell dreams on the black market. Players enter a VR world (The Dream Channel) and soon discover that their dreams have been stolen too! The starting sector for the story is the DJ sector where DJs play sets from the virtual night clubs - seamlessly monetised using Gaze Coin.

At the start of the experience you will be positioned high above the DJ sector and be able to see names of DJs overlaid on apartments below. This birds eye view will help give an introductory overview of the DJ Sector world and some of the DJs that you can visit within it.

After you have descended down into DJ Sector you will be able to gaze or teleport to move around to different DJ apartments. While in one of the several available DJ apartments you will be able to watch and listen to an entire DJ session with 360 degree video and fully spatial audio.

Features include
  • A unique Gaze based navigation system where teleporting becomes optional. Instead you can simply look toward the direction that you wish to travel and then you will start to move in that direction after a short moment. The same applies to entering apartments - Just look at an apartment to enter it.
  • Pressing the trigger on a Vive controller activates an arc teleporter system. You can use this as an alternative to gaze based teleportation or as a way to speed it up.
  • As you walk around the streets you will hear music all around you which will change as you get closer to various apartments. This feature will help guide you to the style of music that appeals to you the most.
  • The names of DJs that you have not yet visited will be overlaid the apartments in which they are playing in to help guide you toward new content.

We plan to release more sectors in future where you will be able to participate in story lines which will make the Dream Channel experience even richer along with the ability to move between sectors in the Dream Channel world.

Скриншоты Dream Channel

Скриншот из Dream Channel
Скриншот из Dream Channel
Скриншот из Dream Channel
Скриншот из Dream Channel
Скриншот из Dream Channel