Дополнение OPUS: Rocket of Whispers Original Soundtrack для OPUS: Rocket of Whispers

Дата выхода: 07.02.2018
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Описание OPUS: Rocket of Whispers Original Soundtrack

OPUS: Rocket of Whispers - Soundtrack features 42 beautifully mellow, bittersweet songs from the award winning title, plus 1 bonus song, composed by Triodust.


1. Rocket of Whispers
2. Once Upon a Space Burial
3. The Plague
4. I Hear You
5. Post-Plague
6. Good Night I
7. Everyone Has Left
8. Opus Rocket Factory
9. Just Let Me Be
10. Space Burial Launch Site
11. A Broken Bridge
12. The Witch
13. Don’t Leave Me Here
14. Good Night II
15. Town of Malkuth
16. Calm
17. New Malkuth Mine
18. Fei Lin
19. Fei Lin - Childhood
20. Requiem
21. Prepare for Launch 14
22. Failure
23. Doubt
24. For What
25. Hetmis City I
26. A Brief Visit
27. Prepare for Launch 18
28. Good Night III
29. Dissonance
30. Hetmis City II
31. Coward
32. My Fault
33. How Long Must I Wait
34. Alone Again
35. I Miss You
36. Wonderful World
37. End of the Bridge
38. We Are Here
39. To Celebrate, and Say Goodbye
40. Rocket of Hope
41. Thank the Cosmos for Bringing Us Together
42. 21 grams ft. Fei Lin


1. Mortician of the End


  • All songs are available in WAV format.
  • All songs are placed in the game folder in the Steam Directory:
    ...SteamsteamappscommonOPUS_ Rocket of WhispersOST


  • Artwork by Shun-Hui Kao
  • All tracks written, performed, produced and mixed by Triodust (Huang, Zhen-Yang).
  • Nº 42 "21 grams ft. Fei Lin" vocalist by Cikado, lyrics by Triodust. Mastered by Hsu, Chia-Wei. Made in Taiwan.

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