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Дата выхода: 30.11.2017

Описание FreeFall 4K

Панорамное видео Steam (бета)

Данное панорамное видео является частью бета-программы. Установив программу через клиент Steam, вы cможете посмотреть видео в поддерживаемом шлеме виртуальной реальности или на мониторе вашего компьютера. Подробнее о панорамном видео вы узнаете из наших ответов на частые вопросы.

Вышло обновление

War on Glitches & Artifacts!

Since the original Steam launch in December of 2017, we've been hard at work optimizing all of QubaVR's Cinematic content even further. With a lot of help from engineers and compression specialists at Pixvana's SPIN Studio, we were able to push the quality of stereoscopic (3D) 360° streaming video beyond what was previously believed possible.

With the January 2018 update, we're happy to introduce new encodings of FreeFall 4K, featuring brand new highest bitrate settings and optimizations to all streaming quality tiers.


О видео

Find yourself in a state of free-fall, lost in space,
tumbling out of control in the orbit of our home planet, Earth.

I have always wondered what would it feel like to find myself lost in space.

From 2001: Space Odyssey to Gravity to ADR1FT, science-fiction media presented this scenario (often in first-person perspective) yet I could never feel like I truly experienced it. Now, with help of Virtual Reality, I am finally able to attempt and recreate the sensation – tumbling out of control in orbit of our home planet, Earth.

Watched in stereoscopic 360° video, Freefall 4K is capable of fooling your senses, letting you experience this unique scenario for yourself.

For the sake of full disclosure - yes, you can find this film legally and for free elsewhere on the Internet. Purchasing it on Steam will help show your appreciation of QubaVR's work on this funded-out-of-pocket art project.

Скриншоты FreeFall 4K

Скриншот из FreeFall 4K
Скриншот из FreeFall 4K
Скриншот из FreeFall 4K
Скриншот из FreeFall 4K
Скриншот из FreeFall 4K