Скачать Prime Arena Demo на Windows

Дата выхода: 07.11.2017

Описание Prime Arena Demo

Prime Arena is a combination of MOBA and survival gameplay inspired by PUBG.
This dynamic deathmatch arena is free of forced socialization and thus of toxic atmosphere found in MOBAs.
Victory fully depends on player’s skill and reaction speed — no teammates, no cry!
The game currently is in Coming Soon status on Steam. Developers follow players` feedback and ideas constantly to implement the best of them in the game

Play MOBA with PUBG inspired survival ambiance.

Choose your favorite character and defeat other players on the map.
Survive them all!

Play without clumsy companions in your team.

Just you, your mad skills, and a thirst for victory!
No teammates, no cry.

Play hard, run fast, hit often.

No more typical long-time MOBA game sessions.
Dynamic gameplay and possibility to join next session at the first onset.