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Дата выхода: 05.01.2018

Описание star of lemutia

This game allows you to play doubles alone. if you like it, please read on.

In this real-time tactical game, you will lead two heroes and their respective four mercenaries into battle against waves of enemies. What you must do is find the most valuable strategic points on the battle field, and command appropriate heroes and mercenaries to implement effective tactics, and launch the hero's ultimate skills at the right time and right place. The heroes will become really busy, so will you.

You will command two heroes to confront powerful enemies. No 'goose' teammate will drag you down. You must plan and execute your tactics. One of the heroes will stop enemies and gathers them together,and then throws an armor-breaking bottle to compromise the enemy's defense. The other hero moves fast to find the best angle, then launches ultimate skills at the target, sweeping away every enemy. Wow! What a great job you have done! Not only that, you will also command mercenaries to implement tactics such as interception, retreat, air defense, following, stationing or even fight to death to pass each very challenging stage.

Defeating the dark queen is not the end of the game. You can go over your favorite missions in advanced mode, or you can be challenged the highly difficult Reverse mode.

Key Features

Reverse mode, special mode of this game, reverses enemy movement direction & path while giving brand-new strategic elements and tactical thoughts, This is equal to
adding 18 brand-new levels.

7 heroes (for now). Each has 5 skills, each skill can upgrade for 3 levels, each hero has its own fighting style and tactic thought.

21 hero combinations. Different hero combinations form totally different tactic thoughts and strategic decision-making.

18 stages, including forests, snow mountains, floating islands and the dungeon. Each stage has 3 modes: Story mode, Advanced mode and the special Reverse mode.

4 types of mercenaries, who can be upgraded to level 5, each hero can command 4 mercenaries.

53 kinds of enemies, who are getting more and more powerful, whose mighty skill can even interrupt the ultimate skills of heroes. Furthermore, quite a few of oppressive BOSSES await you!

Additional features: ample battle system, active skills, passive skills, interrupt, cancel, numerous marvelous items, great operating feel, and clever AI.

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Скриншот из star of lemutia
Скриншот из star of lemutia
Скриншот из star of lemutia
Скриншот из star of lemutia
Скриншот из star of lemutia