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Описание Asteroid Hunter

Asteroid hunter is a top down shoot em up game in which you are a pilot in control of a small yet resilient space craft. Your objective is a simple one, try and collect as much ore as possible and blow up anything that happens to make the mistake of getting in your way. Along with the risk of having your ship destroyed by flying debris you'll also have to contend with hostile forces that see you only as a threat. Little hope awaits you out there in the void save for the precious ore you'll need to gather up in order to purchase upgrades to survive in attempt to find out just how far you might be able to get....

Just as arcade classics before it, the end goal of AH is to try to survive as long as possible and get the best score you can.


Asteroid hunter was originally a test bed for ideas that i set up as a learning experience to try things out in while learning some basic game programming. After a while it became something i couldn't let go of and continued to develop to try and see what i could do with it.

Its been a very enjoyable experience creating and testing it and i hope that you have some fun trying it out yourself.


Game Features and Functionality

Physics-Based Movement

Responsive and accurate controls based on the players momentum and speed. staying alive is more than a test at accuracy but also of your piloting skills.

Top Down shoot em up

You play from a top down perspective and blast anything that moves. the collisions between objects are made to be very accurate. shoot something you hit it, get shot and boom, near misses are close and you'll have to be precise in order not to end up as space dust.


As stated above the goal is to survive as long as possible. the difficultly will continue to ramp as you play, the longer you survive the harder it will be to do so. There are essentially an infinite number of levels with ever increasing difficulty. There are also challenge levels from time to time to keep you on your game as well as a couple of bosses to test your skills further. Like most arcade games your score tells it all in the end, if you do well you'll know you did and if you didn't you can always try again.

Upgrade system

there are upgrade stations throughout the game that will allow you to buy upgrades to outfit your ship with. these include alternate firing modes, shields, protective orbs, as well as alternate ships each with specific unique traits. Getting to them is a matter of progress as you will automatically warp there every few levels. finding ore to purchase these upgrades is both a matter of luck and skill as the chances for each asteroid to carry it is randomized. As well as having to find it you'll need to pick it up ( by flying into it ) and if your not quick enough it might dissipate or get picked up by a scavenger in the area.

note: the ships you unlock remain unlocked and you can start the game with them from then on.


there are 3 modes - easy / medium / hard - going up in difficulty results in an increased challenge and more points will be awarded.


Don't really think this is a feature but i like particles so.... PARTICLES!


Side Notes -

Controller support was tested and designed to be played with the xbox 360 or xbox 1 controllers. the only thing that doesn't work with these is the cofig menu for selecting resolution. As for any other controllers i'm unsure if they will work. I would appreciate feedback from anyone attempting to use a different type of controller.

REGARDING FPS - as of right now this game is capped at 60fps. i know some people like to play at 120/144 hz and i just want to be up front with the fact that at the moment its unsupported. its not a matter of simply uncapping it as it would cause massive problems. in a future update i may fix this, but for now i just want those thinking of purchase to be aware of this limitation.

resolution - If you want to change resolution use the config option when starting from steam library.


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Скриншот из Asteroid Hunter
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Скриншот из Asteroid Hunter
Скриншот из Asteroid Hunter
Скриншот из Asteroid Hunter
Скриншот из Asteroid Hunter