Скачать GTR Evolution Demo на Windows

Жанры: Гонки
Дата выхода: 23.10.2008

Описание GTR Evolution Demo

The official demo for GTR Evolution includes Brands Hatch 07 and the Sunred Sr21 race car.

  • Sunred is a Spanish built supercar hailing from Barcelona and aiming to become a serious threat to the more established teams in current GT racing. A Judd V10 delivers around 500 horsepower, enough to propel the 1100 kilos around any track at breathtaking speeds. In this demo the Sunred Sr21 is available in the distinct cool Logitech green or in the blue and white of MotorsTV.
  • Brands Hatch is an old favorite and any SimBin fan will have driven countless laps in search for the perfect lap. Drivers new to Brands Hatch will note the feared first dipping turn, get that one wrong and you are in big trouble before the lap has even really started. Brands hatch is a drivers track and a true challenge of skill and nerves when attempting to tame it in a powerful GT car.

When you feel confident in your ability to power the Sunred around Brands Hatch, then jump online and show the world your skills... or join just to have fun with friends. The demo has full online capability, and you are certain to face great drivers from all over the world when you decide to take the step into multiplayer gaming.