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Дата выхода: 09.07.2014
249.00 RUB

Описание AutoTileGen

Make 2D tilesets for your games in seconds.
Save development time and money by getting forty-eight tiles for the effort of making three with added bonus features such as dynamic lighting, corner blending modes and more.

Main features

  • Automatic tileset generation (48 tiles) from just three input tiles
  • In app pixel editor for pixel-art tiles with realtime tileset preview
  • Six different corner blending modes
  • Normal maps generation for dynamic lighting
  • Automatic corner mask generation
  • Slope generation for the complete tileset
  • Normal map generation for dynamic lighting
  • Any tile size supported
  • Transparency depth adjustment for surface details (e.g. grass, rocks...)
  • Full tileset exporting for use in your games (GameMaker, Unity, Construct 2 or any other IDE)
  • Manual rendering mode, project importing/exporting, dynamic color palletes and more

Get AutoTileGen and start making tiles for your games in no time!

Скриншоты AutoTileGen

Скриншот из AutoTileGen
Скриншот из AutoTileGen
Скриншот из AutoTileGen
Скриншот из AutoTileGen

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