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Описание Mad Island

You and four friends are cruising when your boat sinks after coming into contact with a large rock.
You wake up on the beach of a nearby island, which you are lucky enough to reach, and meet a man who is the second main character, and from there your survival life begins. Your objective is to find your friends and escape from the island.

Double main character
There are two main characters. The story begins with a female main character, but you can switch to a male main character at any time after you reach the island.

Aboriginals live on the island. They spend the day outside and return home at night for a good night's sleep. It is possible to crawl on them at night or catch them, feed them, and turn them into slaves. You can also assign them jobs such as logging, mining, or working in the fields. You can let or regulate romance among the aborigines.

Enemies, monsters and friends
There are several enemies and monsters in various locations.
You can ask them why they came to the island and sometimes they become your friends.
Monsters can be made into friends by defeating them, stunning them, or feeding on them.
Take your strong friends with you on your adventures.

Character Customization
You can customize the appearance of yourself and your fellow NPCs. Using a machine, you can even remove arms, legs, and chests! Once you have a favorite girl, dress her up in a cute outfit.

You can make a variety of things from more than 10 different workbenches. Armor, weapons, shields, clothing, torture devices, feeding fences, sexual toys, seasonal decorations, food, and more. You can build your fort as you see fit.

Farming, mining, gathering, fishing.
You can sow seeds and grow vegetables to create new dishes.
Fishing, you can catch a variety of fish depending on the location.

Leveling up and skills
You will level up while fighting, mining, gathering, etc. As you level up, you can increase your attack power and running speed. Skills also level up at the same time, and you can acquire skills of your choice.

Exploring caves and ruins
Each level has its own hierarchy, and as you go deeper, dangerous bosses appear and powerful weapons can be obtained. There are also traps, so be careful as you advance.

English and Chinese (simplified characters) are currently not released. It is planned to be implemented in the future.

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Скриншот из Mad Island
Скриншот из Mad Island
Скриншот из Mad Island
Скриншот из Mad Island
Скриншот из Mad Island
Скриншот из Mad Island