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Дата выхода: 03.02.2023
82.00 RUB

Описание Hike Trip

Take a step away from citylife and head on a rural Hike Trip in the middle of barely visited old forest.


  • Pack your stuff and head out to the wonderful Forest. Explore many locations, secrets, buildings and much more the mystical forest has to offer.


  • Gameplay of Hike Trip is simple. Your objective is to explore theforest and see what kinds of things you might find! You'll get a list of locations to explore and investigate.


  • Hike Trip is an relaxing open world walking simulator that's easy on the eye and ears! Listen to the birds sing and wind blow as you make your way through the Forest. All of the sounds and tracks are highest possible quality & The game has been optimized to ensure you will have a great time!


  • Hike Trip's length will vary from player to player. Discovering all the locations and mysteries will approximately take 30 minutes to 1 hour.


  • Hike Trip is scattered with different objects you can find and pick them up for achievements. Can you find them all?

Скриншоты Hike Trip

Скриншот из Hike Trip
Скриншот из Hike Trip
Скриншот из Hike Trip
Скриншот из Hike Trip
Скриншот из Hike Trip