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Дата выхода: 15.08.2022

Описание Metal Miners

Metal Miners is a chaotic, resource gathering, party game set in a cave full of rich resources. In this 2-4 player, split screen, action-driven game inspired by cult classic Kirby Air ride, players are tasked with crafting the glorious Golden Crown to please a greedy king!

Different Game Modes

Metal Miners currently features 2 game modes: Golden Crown mode and Score Based mode.
Crown mode is Metal Miners' unique mode which tasks each player to collect all the resources required to craft the Golden Crown!
Score Based mode is a traditional round based game mode where players must gather as many resources as possible to win the game.

Unique Abilities

To get an edge against your friends, you may choose an ability at the start of each game. These abilities range from Invisibility to a Dodge. You can get the drop on your enemies by putting these abilities to good use. You could even escape death by vanishing and running away!

Item Tiers

Metal Miners features 4 different resource tiers! The tiers of items is as follows (least rare -> rarest):
  • Copper
  • Iron
  • Titanium
  • Diamond

Crafting System

While in between rounds, the players may spend their resources that they have gathered and refined to craft 14 different amazing items. Some items are able to be crafted multiple times while others are a permanent upgrade. The players will have to choose which items benefit their game the most!

Скриншоты Metal Miners

Скриншот из Metal Miners
Скриншот из Metal Miners
Скриншот из Metal Miners
Скриншот из Metal Miners
Скриншот из Metal Miners
Скриншот из Metal Miners