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Дата выхода: 17.08.2022

Описание Tanasurga

Mecha Customizations

Over 100+ different mecha parts and 3 different type of mecha base. With different types of function and stats. Build your own combination of mecha to suit your own strategy. Different pilots will also affect how they use the mecha, so plan your mecha strategically. You can acquire more mecha parts during missions or buy them from the black market.

Interactive Pilots

Recruit and manage your team of pilots. Each Pilots will have their own unique characteristics and set of skills. You can also build relationship with them to know their backstory and make them better on the battlefield.


Set in alternate reality World War 2 era, In Tanasurga you'll see how the war unfolds from South East Asia point of view. There will be moments inspired from real history in Tanasurga's alternate reality World War 2. You will also visit unique and exotic locations with its culture.


Tanasurga is a narative driven game with variety of missions. There will also be different decisions you have to make that will affects how the story goes. See how the choices you made affect the ending of Tanasurga.

There will be 3 different factions you can support in Tanasurga:
  • Bandavia

    - A country with overflowing natural resources that’s needed by the other countries. Some part of Bandavia is already ruled by the other countries.
  • Compagnie

    - A country with a declined economy and crisis until a charismatic dictator used people's anger to start a war, reclaim their glory and expand their territory.
  • Morusha

    - A prosperous country that getting low on resource. They start to get natural resources from other countries while forcing the people to work for Morusha
The fate of each factions lies in your hands.

Скриншоты Tanasurga

Скриншот из Tanasurga
Скриншот из Tanasurga
Скриншот из Tanasurga
Скриншот из Tanasurga
Скриншот из Tanasurga